About Us

At Luxury Baby Nursery, customers are not viewed as customers, but as friends! Since we would love to get to know you, we decided to give you a little insight about us, the Luxury Baby Nursery Story, and a chance to meet the owner!


About Us

Luxury Baby Nursery was initially born as Maddy Rose Boutique, an online, upscale children's boutique. Realizing boutique nursery decor was really our niche, we changed the business name to Luxury Baby Nursery.  Our philosophy is that when quality products co-exist with exceptional customer service, everything falls into place.

 We are committed to offering you the best quality, unique products on the market. Our merchandise

         Cannot be purchased at typical chain stores

         Is produced by the finest designers in the industry

         Stays ahead of the trends to keep your tots' bedrooms fashionable

The experience and satisfaction of our shopper friends is our top priority. We want you to be thrilled with your Luxury Baby Nursery purchase! We are dedicated to

         Working personally with each designer so you don't have to

         Giving personal attention to the details of your purchase and experience

         Building a lasting relationship with you based on trust and one great shopping experience

         Bringing a new dimension to boutique shopping

 The Luxury Baby Nursery Story

Our former owner, Suzi Embessi Sabo, had been working in retail as a senior in high school when she met her husband at Sears. When their daughter, Madison, was born, Suzi became enthralled with unique children's products.


After spending countless hours decorating Maddy's nursery and choosing perfect little outfits, she realized that the excitement of a new baby is heightened by the fun of shopping for fabulous items.

In May 2013, Suzi and her family welcomed a new baby girl! While working one on one with you, her friends, is what she did best Suzi felt that it was time to pass the torch so she could spend more one on one time with her family.  Enter Ashley.

Suzi desired to bring this same joy to new families and their loved ones, she combined her entrepeneurial spirit, love of children, and knowledge of retail into one incredible online store: Maddy Rose Boutique (now Luxury Baby Nursery).

Open since September 11, 2007, Luxury Baby Nursery continues to offer quality products and exceptional customer service.

Meet the Owner

Suzi’s love for children and fascination with unique children’s products was the inspiration behind Luxury Baby Nursery, her driving force was her growing family and her dream to be a stay at home mother. Her end goal was to “be a mom”!  This goal has become a reality.  After the birth of her most recent addition, Suzi realized she desired more time to enjoy every part of being that mom she wanted to be.  So, she passed the torch to another mom, Ashley Sefcik.

Ashley Sefcik, current owner, started her career in the extremely customer oriented business of hotels.  Working for several full service as well as managing limited service hotels, Ashley’s dream is to “make a difference” in each and every persons life she meets.  While hotels are great, Ashley’s family are what make her world go ‘round.  Like Suzi, her dream is to be the best mom she can be. Suzi put it best: “When the school nurse calls, I don't want to think twice about leaving work to pick up a sick child. I want to chaperone field trips, meet my kids at the bus stop every day - basically, I want to be a mom!”  In April 2016, Ashley was in a head on collission when a welding truck crossed over the double yellow line and hit the mom and two of her three children.  After many months of hospital stays and physical therapy, Ashley is working to get her life back.  Please be understanding of this and keep this in mind. 

“I promise to provide you with a fabulous product and even better service!  Service is paramount in my eyes and it is my mission to help you create your dream nursery. “


Now that you have gotten to know us a little, we hope we can get to know you! We want your shopping experience to be special - our customers are our friends, and we want to keep them for life!

 Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or if there is anything we can help you with!



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