Bumperless Crib Bedding

Bumperless Crib BeddingWith recent safety alerts concerning many parents, we have noticed a trend in parents opting not to purchase a crib bumper with their baby's designer crib bedding.  The pendulum is not swinging one way; at our baby nursery boutique, we've noticed a pretty even trend with about 50% of parents opting to purchase a crib bedding set including a crib bumper, and, 50% of parents are choosing to purchase their baby's boutique crib bedding without a bumper.  Thankfully, our baby nursery boutique can offer parents exactly what they want as baby bedding designers including Caden Lane, Cottage Dreams, Doodlefish Kids, and New Arrivals have begun offering their gorgeous crib bedding for purchase by the piece for parents who choose not to purchase a crib bumper.  With a trendsetting crib sheet and/or gorgeous crib skirt, each designer baby bedding set in our bumperless crib bedding category is available without a crib bumper with the design focus on the crib sheet or crib skirt, offering parents a crib bedding set that makes just as much of a statement as our collections featuring crib bumpers.  Have your eye on a set that is being offered as a traditional three or four piece set that includes a crib bumper that you do not intend to use?  No problem!  Just email us at luxurybabynursery@gmail.com and we'll gladly work with your designer of choice to design the perfect bumperless crib bedding set for you!

Amy's Garden Flat Panel Skirt Set


April Showers Bumperless Crib Sheet


April Showers Crib Bedding


Avery's Aztec Baby Bedding


Aviator Bumperless Crib Sheet


Baby Toile Green Toddler Bedding

Baby Toile-Blue Toddler Bedding

Baby Toile-Pink Toddler Bedding

Best Friend Toddler Bedding

Bright Baby Gray Crib Bedding


Bright Baby Green Crib Bedding


Brooklyn Baby Bumperless Bedding


Bubble Bliss Crib Rail Collection


Bubbles Toddler Bedding

Chloe's Coral Damask Crib Bedding


Coral & Gray Crib Bedding


Coral Camila Ruffle Baby Bedding

Denim & Sweet Potato Crib Rail Bedding set


Everly's Garden Crib Bedding


Explorer Toddler Bedding

Football Hero Toddler Bedding

French Farmhouse - Oliver - Three-Piece To...


Gabby's Garden Baby Bedding

Girly Coral Rose Crib Bedding


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