Finley Crib Bedding

: CL-Finley


Sold in 3 piece sets: bumpers, sheet, and skirt. Bumpers are slip-covered for easy cleaning! All bumpers are 2" thick and stand at least 11" tall. Separate bumpers are ideal for conversion cribs. Extra long grosgrain ribbon ties keep bumpers secure while giving the bedding a clean finished look. All 3 patterns are used in each set to compliment color and style and give depth to any room. Additional sheets and matching changing pad covers are available.

Caden Lane has done it again! The Boutique Collection features beautiful turoquise and precious pink colors to make your babys nursery stand out like no other. Roses, Dots, and Zebra prints are at the top of every mommys wish list! This bedding creates a traditional sweet girl feel with a little funky twist.

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