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About the Louis T. Savino, III Foundation

Louis T. Savino, III FoundationEstablished in December, 2000 by Louis' Mother and Aunt, the Louis Savino, III Foundation raises funds for lifesaving devices known as Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). In keeping with their fund-raising mission, the foundation's focus is on yet another type of AED…Awareness, Education & Detection.

Awareness: providing information about the warning signs of SCD and providing equipment and funding the purchase of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), for schools, gymnasiums and athletic fields.

Education: sponsoring CPR and AED training programs for teachers, coaches and students to provide essential lifesaving training.

Detection: crusading for comprehensive school physical examinations at a time in life when it becomes possible to detect previously unknown symptoms in order to prevent potential SCDs - potential early deaths from heart failure.

To date, the Louis T. Savino, III Foundation has donated more than $40,000 in AEDs and training sponsorships!

About Louis T. Savino, III

Louis T. Savino, III FoundationLouis had attended the William Penn Charter School and was in the beginning of his Sophomore year at the time of his death. A straight "A" student, community service volunteer and sports enthusiast, Louis dreamed of pursuing a career as a sportscaster.

He gave us the gift of unending humor. He not only loved to laugh, but his witty sense of humor was infectious.

He gave us the gift of service. He volunteered many hours of his time as he tutored children, read to the elderly, served as the Penn Charter Choir Librarian, tutored his fellow students in Latin, and offered help to his family. In October, 2002, William Penn Charter School proclaimed the second Friday in October as the Louis T. Savino Day of Service.

He gave us the gift of intelligence, and he shared that intelligence with everyone in his path, in a very modest way. His remarkable memory enabled him to recall countless sports statistics, sports team trivia, historic events in our world and specific details about every American president.

He gave us the gift of music. He played the piano eloquently since the age of 6 and he hoped to someday to form a band with two of his best friends. In December, 2000, Louis’ mom was presented with a plaque recognizing Louis’ love of music from the Penn Charter Singers – a bronze plaque hangs in Penn Charter’s Upper School Music Room.

He gave us the gift of the spoken and written word. He had the wondrous ability to speak to people at any age about almost any topic -- a sign of true maturity. His ultimate "dream" was to become a Sportscaster for a major television network.

Louis gave us the gift of unselfish love and patience -- the precious gifts of our world. He was an exemplary son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend.

How You Can Help

Each month, Luxury Baby Nursery donates a portion of our proceeds to the Louis T. Savino, III Foundation to support this organization's crusade to save lives via education and frequent medical examinations to detect medical conditions which could potentially lead to sudden cardiac death or any other underlying heart condition. Likewise, we wholeheartedly support the Louis T. Savino, III, Foundation's mission of ensuring every school and sports facility be equipped with a lifesaving AED should sudden cardiac death occur.

But, you don't have to place an order with us to support this organization and their crucial mission! You can contribute to the Savino Foundation via several means. You are welcome to click on the PayPal link below which will automatically redirect you to the Savino Foundation's PayPal account where your tax-free donation will be accepted. Or, to learn about the many other fundraising opportunities available to support this cause, we encourage you to click on the Louis T. Savino, III Foundation graphic below to be redirected to the organization's website.

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Louis T. Savino, III Foundation

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