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Lulla Smith Bambini Bassinet



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It's billowy skirt is constructed of two layers of silk - the underskirt is Dupioni silk, and is available in the following colors.  The outer layer of the skirt and hood are sheer Ivory Striped Silk Organza - sheer enough so that the underskirt color shows through - so subtle and absolutely gorgeous! The top side of the hood is layered, like the skirt - the hood ruffle is silk organza. Bassinet includes an underskirt of net, 2” mattress, fitted sheet, and 10x10 matching pillow. Basket dimensions are 33 x 19 x 40.

Bassinet can be purchased with or without the hood. If bassinet is purchased with the hood you have the ability to display the bassinet both ways.

This item is custom made upon receipt of your order.  Please see our policy on custom merchandise here.

Silk Color Options:

Lulla Smith Silk Dupioni Colors

Lulla Smith Silk Dupioni Colors

Lulla Smith Silk Dupioni Colors

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Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping.  To obtain current lead times, please email us at

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