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Designing a Beautiful Baby Nursery without Crib Bumpers

By now, many of us have heard the news that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended parents no longer use bumpers in their baby's cribs.  Some parents have chosen to continue to purchase crib bumpers, while many others have decided to stick with the standard crib skirt and sheet.  The AAP's recommendation has done one thing many of us can agree upon: frustrate parents who feel the crib bumper is the most beautiful element to a baby's crib bedding.  Well, we're here to tell you, fear not our friends - we promise you can design a stunning baby nursery without a crib bumper, and, we're also here to tell you how!

Beautiful Decor Tip #1: Color, Color, Color

There are many ways to introduce color to your baby's nursery without relying on a crib bumper.  Here is a brief step-by-step introduction to bringing color into your baby's nursery.

  1. Start with your baby's crib bedding.  This should set the stage for the remaining colors of your baby's nursery.
  2. Choose a wall paint color.  We suggest taking your crib skirt to the paint store to perfectly pair a color from the skirt with the paint color of your choosing.
  3. Consider a colored crib - in fact, highly consider it.  We absolutely love Newport Cottages cribs and coordinating furnishings as you can select the paint color of your furnishings. 

Tip #2: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Accessorizing your baby's nursery sounds simple, right?  And, it is, however, we do have a few recommendations for you to follow.

  1. When purchasing your baby's crib bedding, add on the optional blanket, diaper stacker, toy bag, diaper stacker, and window valances.  Why?  Because our designers have created these accessories to perfectly coordinate your baby's crib bedding, and, most of these accessories also include the patterns that were used to design the set's crib bumper.  Purchasing the coordinating accessories allows you to perfectly tie your baby's bedding to the other elements of the nursery.  Blankets, pillows, toy bags,and diaper stackers don't have to be attached to your baby's crib - they can be displayed using wall shelves, draped over your rocker/glider, etc.
  2. Purchase a vibrant, colorful nursery rug.  This is especially nice if you have bare wood floors or a neutral colored carpet.
  3. Hang coordinating nursery wall art.  Many of our crib bedding designers also offer coordinating wall art and fabric memory boards using the same colors or fabrics that were used to design your crib bedding, again pulling the design of your nursery together beautifully.

Consider a Custom Crib Bedding Set

Most of our crib bedding designers offer custom crib bedding sets, providing you with creative reign over your baby's crib bedding.  See a pattern you absolutely must have in a crib bumper that you do not wish to purchase?  No problem!  Contact us and we can easily work with you to incorporate the pattern of your dreams into a custom crib sheet, crib skirt, blanket, or pillow.

Looking for some more design inspiration?  Check out our pre-designed nurseries or our Facebook page photo album, "Our Favorite Bumperless Crib Bedding Sets."

Remember, we are always here to share our design expertise with you.  Email us at for a complimentary design consultation.

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