Creative Carpet Design

Creative Carpet DesignDesigning your own, custom nursery rug has never been easier!

By choosing a custom rug from Creative Carpet Design, you get to step into the fun role of designer.  The customization process is a breeze and the creative options are endless with these custom rugs for your baby's nursery, play area, or big kid's bedroom.  Don't let little one have all of the fun - Creative Carpet Design rugs look perfect in any room of the house and are just as popular amongst parents as they are with the littlest member of your household.

Simple Design Process:

    1. Choose your rug size.
    2. Choose your rug color.
    3. Choose an optional one-letter initial or three-letter monogram inlay.
    4. Add an optional border.
    5. Add optional polka dots for a festive finishing touch.
Custom Striped Rug (your choice of 3 colors)


Customized Rug Samples


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